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Cookie Policy

Effective date: April 3, 2019


Thank you for using our services!

Mickey M Hld. Ltd., its affiliates and its subsidiaries (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) respect You (“You”, “Your”) and Your privacy. This is Our cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) to help You understand the ways We collect and use information automatically with respect to Our website, Our Android application and Our iOS application (collectively “Our Services”) and the choices You can make about it.

We and Our service providers collect information automatically when you visit or use Our Services, including information that identifies You as an individual or relates to an identifiable person (“Personal Information”). This collection is done via cookies, storage, flash cookies, web beacons, log files, javascript and other automated tracking technologies (collectively “Cookies”).

For more information about the ways we treat information please see Our privacy policy.

By using our Our Services You confirm You have read and understood Our terms of use (“Terms of Use”), Our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) and this Cookie Policy. Further You agree to Our Terms of Use and acknowledge Our Privacy Policy and this Cookie Policy.

What Are Cookies

A cookie is a small text file saved by a browser and associated with a specific server. Each time Your browser issues a request to a server it adds the specific files associated with that server to the request. A cookie is usually used for identifying users or saving their preferences.

A storage place is a technology allowing browsers and applications to store information on a browser or device to be used later on. Storage is used in many ways, for example to cache information or remember preferences.

A web beacon is a web request, which is not originated by the user, sent from a browser or an application to a server. Web beacons are usually used for notifying of users’ activity.

A log file is a file is a file used for logging events. Log files are used on many places. Web server log files are usually used for logging requests made by browsers, logging errors that occured on the system and logging security events.

Javascript is a technology that allows to run programs on a browser.

Information We Collect Via Cookies

The information We collect via Cookies include IP address, browser type and version, operating system type and version, device type and version, referring URL, Your activities on Our Services (for example that You searched or viewed a page), the activity details (for example what You searched for), the timestamp of the activity, screen size, network carrier, language preference, city and state (collectively “Cookies Information”).

Any communication of Cookies Information between Your device and Our servers occurs within a secure environment.

If you are located in the EU, We will only use essential cookies for delivering Our Services and disable third party vendors which use non-essential cookies until We get a consent from You to use non-essential cookies. You can revoke Your consent at any time by using the revoke consent link.

We use a third party analytics provider to collect on Our behalf Cookie Information automatically. For more information please see the section Analytics Service Provider below.

How We Use Cookies Information

We use Cookies Information to provide core features of Our Services; to analyze and respond to errors and security threats; to tailor Your experience of Our Services based on Your preferences and history; to improve Our Services performance; to track and analyze the usage and performance of Our Services; and to serve advertising to You.

Third Party Cookies

We work with third party service providers for the reasons explained on Our Privacy Policy. Some of the third parties providers may be able to collect information automatically by using their Cookies on Our Services for various purposes, and may disclose their Cookies to other parties, when required by law, use such other parties services or for any other reason.

For more information about Your choices with regards to Cookies please see the section Your Cookie Choices below.

We encourage You to read those third party privacy policies:

Analytics Service Provider

We use Google Analytics as a third party analytics provider to automatically collect information on Our behalf. The information includes all Cookies Information with the exception of the IP address which is collected anonymized.

We require from Google Analytics to retain Personal Information for 26 months.

For more information on Google Analytics policies please see:


Other Service Providers

  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Google fonts and play store
  3. Apple app store
  4. Ionic

You can choose to restrict the use of Cookies both on You visit Our websites (“Our Website“) or use Our Android application or Our iOS application (together “Our Apps”). Note that on some cases You may experience technical problems or degraded functionality, caused by Our security features detecting You accidentally as a threat, by features relying on a technology You disabled, etc.

When You Visit Our Website

You can on most browsers:

  1. Disable javascript and cookies, either completely or partially, either for specific or all websites. See more on Google how to disable cookies and javascript on my browser.
  2. Install privacy add ons. See more on Google privacy add ons for my browser.
  3. Install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on available at
  4. Use an anonymous proxy. See more on Google use anonymous proxy.

You can revoke Your consent at any time by using the revoke consent link if You are located in the EU.

You can hide Your IP address by connecting to a public WIFI, such as an internet cafe, or by using various technologies. See more in Google how can i hide my ip address.

When You Use Our Apps

You can hide Your IP address by connecting to a public WIFI, such as an internet cafe, or by using various technologies. See more in Google how can i hide my ip address.

Currently analytics is not enabled in Our Apps.

Please see the section Modifications on Our Terms of Use.

How to Contact Us

If You have questions or concerns with regards to this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact Us at We take the stance privacy first!