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About Us

Our mission

To make fashion shopping efficient and affordable.

What we do

Did you ever try to buy online a “10 size black Valentino gown”, a “red, blue & white strips ralph lauren polo shirt” or any other specific item for that matter? Good luck!

At Chercher we believe you are spending way too much time and energy in order to find your desired items. From your perspective this is a waste of time. From the stores’ perspective this is friction and causes a drop on sales. We decided to change that!

Using our advanced technology you can find your desired items in a couple of clicks, compare the reputable stores selling it and decide where to buy based on prices, availability and the stores’ rating.

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Find the stores selling your desired item with a couple of clicks.

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Compare prices, availability and the stores' rating.

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Select a store, click its link and complete the purchase on the store's website.

What others said

Great app

Got me several items and I paid half price on them.
iphonographer master

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